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  • 教育への拡充政策、教育格差を可能な限り減少させる取り組みを行います。

  • 多くの子供達が学校教育にプラスして多言語に触れる機会を創出します。

  • 子育て世代が安心して働けるような育児•教育施設などの拡充を図ります。

①Energized Children

  • We will implement expansion policies for education and work to reduce educational disparities as much as possible.

  • We will create opportunities for many children to be exposed to multiple languages in addition to their school education.

  • We will expand childcare and educational facilities so that the child-rearing generation can work with peace of mind.


  • 元気な高齢者の社会活躍の場を、企業や行政と連携して拡充。

  • 高齢者が元気に活躍する事で医療費削減や企業の人材確保の問題を緩和します。

  • 介護行政補助の充実を含め、高齢者が安心して暮らせる環境を確立します。

②Elderly Protection

  • Expanding opportunities for active social activities for healthy elderly people in cooperation with companies and governments.

  • The active and energetic elderly will alleviate the problems of reducing medical costs and securing human resources for companies.

  • Establish a secure environment for the elderly, including the enhancement of administrative assistance for long-term care.


  • 障害のある方の就労支援や福祉の充実を図ります。

  • 障害のある方の、ご家族の方々安心して働けるような施設や制度の充実を図ります。

  • 障害のある方が学ぶための設備の導入や環境の提供の充実を図ります。

③ Welfare Aid

  • We will enhance employment support and welfare for people with disabilities.

  • We will improve facilities and systems so that people with disabilities and their families can work with peace of mind.

  • We will improve the facilities and environment for people with disabilities to learn.


  • コロナ禍で疲弊した企業への「有効的」な支援の実施を行います。

  • 企業誘致のための、積極的なインフラの開発を図ります。

④ Economic Recovery

  • We will implement "effective" support for companies exhausted by the Corona disaster.

  • We will actively develop infrastructure to attract businesses.


  • 産業、教育の観点での真の交際交流都市の設立を目指します。

  • 英語を含んだ多言語の教育を充実し、国際人の育成を行います。

  • 明石の産品や地元企業の産物を世界に発信し、市場を拡大できる枠組みの形成を目指します。

​⑤ Akashi, a vibrant city in the world!

  • We aim to establish a true city of interaction and exchange in terms of industry and education.

  • We will enhance multilingual education, including English, and develop international people.

  • We will promote Akashi's products and the products of local companies to the world and aim to form a framework that can expand the market.


  • 後継者問題や金融機関との折衝など、多くの企業や個人の方が抱える問題について実務経験豊富な司法書士、弁護士、税理士、宅地建物取引士、ファイナンシャルプランナー、米国MBA有資格者などによる無料相談会の開催。

⑥General consultations

  • Free consultations by judicial scriveners, lawyers, tax accountants, real estate agents, financial planners, and MBA qualified professionals with extensive practical experience on issues that many companies and individuals face, such as succession planning and negotiations with financial institutions.

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